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Razer’s new gaming headphones are designed for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4

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Razer is branching out its line of gaming headsets to consoles with its new Thresher Ultimate headphones for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

The Thresher Ultimate come in separate versions for Microsoft’s and Sony’s consoles, with the PS4 version featuring blue highlights while the Xbox model is decked out in green. Both connect over 2.4GHz wireless, instead of Bluetooth, and offer a range of about 150 feet with direct line of site or around 60 to 70 feet if there are obstructions in the way. Either way, you’re probably good for getting sound from your couch, unless you’ve got a really large living room.

From a design perspective, Razer put a focus on comfort. The Thresher Ultimate feature a double headband design, allowing the headphones to offer both a durable aluminum band as well as a softer padded cushion. And in a nice touch, the ear cushions have indentations to make them more comfortable for users with glasses, in a first for Razer’s over-ear headphones.

Like Razer’s Man O’ War headphones, the Thresher Ultimate feature a retractable microphone for when you’d like to communicate / trash talk during online play, and the headphones offer both volume and microphone controllers directly on the bottom of the ear cups.

The Thresher Ultimate headphones will cost $250 when they ship later in June.