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Vizio's rethought SmartCast TVs with actual TV remotes are now available

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Image: Vizio

Vizio has been on a hell of a journey in the past couple of years, from smart TVs, to dumb TVs with tablets for remotes, to a new kind of smart-ish TV in this year's P-Series and M-Series SmartCast lineup. The line of 4K TVs has slightly improved picture quality and more color, but what makes it most interesting is the in-depth rethink of how app-based TV should work.

Remember these?

The M-Series starts out at $699.99 for the M55, a 55-inch 4K "XLED Plus" display. For $2,499.99 you can get the 75-inch version. The P-Series has more LED dimming zones for better contrast ("XLED Pro"), and higher refresh rates — 240Hz compared to 120Hz in the M screens. The 55-inch P55 model is $999.99, and you can go up to 75 inches for $3,499.99. The new lineup is available now online and in stores.