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RadioShack is auctioning a trove of classic gadgets and a few oil paintings

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Radio Shack TRS-80 Computer Catalog cover

After selling off its in-store shelves, display cases, and garbage cans, RadioShack is auctioning off its history. In a huge estate sale that's going on now, RadioShack has opened up its historic archives: 12 "huge safes" full of classic gadgets and weird memorabilia.

I would like to own at least one of each of the classic computers up for auction, which include a bunch of TRS-80 Model 100 portables, Tandy laptops, and the world's first consumer tablet: the Gridpad.

There is also a lot of strange corporate detritus, including a painting labeled "George W. Bush" that does not look like him and a RadioShack putter. It's definitely worth browsing through, but you have to promise not to cry when you spot signage from the company museum.

It's a depressing fate for these well-preserved vintage electronics and curiosities, but let's remember the good times with Walt Mossberg's ode to the TRS-80: