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The most important upgrade in Beoplay’s noise-canceling E4 earbuds is what you don’t hear

The most important upgrade in Beoplay’s noise-canceling E4 earbuds is what you don’t hear


Sweet, sweet silence

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B&O Play Beoplay E4 earbuds
Image via B&O Play

B&O Play debuted its new active noise-canceling Beoplay E4 earbuds today, taking a step up from its previous H3 ANC (active noise-canceling) model. Much remains the same between the H3 ANC and the E4 models, including the frequency range (20-16,000 Hz), speakers (sporting 10.8 mm electro dynamic drivers), battery life (20 hours), and connections (3.5 mm mini jack / USB to Micro USB for charging and updating), but there are two notable improvements.

Where the H3 ANC’s battery pack was a thick disc, the E4’s is noticeably slimmer, and now in a small rectangle shape with a polymer surface for greater tactility. The music control unit is also redesigned for a more intuitive user experience and arrives in anodized aluminum. The most important change is in the E4’s noise-canceling upgrade. Using the same technology in the Beoplay H9 over-ear wireless headphones, the E4 now sports a two-microphone hybrid active noise-canceling technology, resulting in an additional suppression of up to 15dB of low-frequency noise.

The actual earbuds appear the same between the two models, which isn’t entirely a surprise given the H3 ANC was designed by award-winning Danish industrial designer Jakob Wagner. Wagner and team did a 3D study of the ear and tested over 30 different models to arrive at the H3 ANC / E4’s current look, which he describes as “a piece of jewelry... Soft, and yet precise.”

If you’re in the market for luxe-looking earbuds that give you a working, portable cone of silence, B&O Play’s Beoplay E4 earbuds are on sale now for $249.