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8Bitdo frankensteined an SNES controller with analog sticks and Bluetooth

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Recently 8Bitdo added Switch support for its assortment of Nintendo-inspired Bluetooth game controllers, via a firmware update. Now 8Bitdo is adding some more Bluetooth controllers to the family, again with obvious design cues from Nintendo's classic hardware.

The SNES30 Pro is basically a SNES controller with analog sticks and a bit of extra depth. The additional thickness makes room for a second row of shoulder buttons, but it still doesn't look like the most comfortable way to play dual analog games. The controller includes a USB-C plug, rumble, and some form of motion controls.

The NES30 Arcade Stick, meanwhile, is a new fighting stick with an obvious NES aesthetic but a less obvious rip of any specific hardware.

Both controllers work wirelessly with Switch, Windows, Android, macOS, and Steam. The SNES30 Pro will be available this holiday, and the NES30 should be out in the fall. No word on price, but 8Bitdo sells an NES-styled dual analog controller for about $43, so hopefully the SNES30 Pro won't be much more than that.