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Verizon just launched its first LTE-only flip phone

Verizon just launched its first LTE-only flip phone

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This week, Verizon released a new, dumb flip phone. Called the LG Exalt LTE, it only connects to Verizon’s 4G LTE network — that means no 3G network option for phone calls. This is a first for the company across all its devices, not just flip phones. I’m not entirely sure who the modern market is for this phone, or for dumb flip phones in general. Maybe people who are tired of the internet constantly feeding them bad news and negatively impacting their mental health?

Still, I’ll give you the specs: it’s got a 3-inch LCD display with a 400 x 240 resolution. The Exalt includes a 1,470mAh battery, a 5-megapixel rear-facing camera (sorry no selfie cam), and 8GB of memory. It also supports Wi-Fi calling. The Exalt costs $168.

Meanwhile, I’m still waiting for a smart flip phone to show up Stateside. Samsung makes some models that it sells in China, but those have yet to cross over. Maybe Samsung thinks people are over the flip phone design? I don’t think that’s the case. In a world where every device looks like an iPhone, I say it’s time for a comeback.