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Flipp is a buttonless remote that connects to your speakers over Wi-Fi

Flipp is a buttonless remote that connects to your speakers over Wi-Fi

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Flipp is a Kickstarter project with a single goal: enable you to easily control your music. As the enthusiastic pitch video points out, there are plenty of smart home remotes that are packed with tons of features for controlling all sorts of things in your home — but sometimes, you just want a simple way to listen to music.

And things don’t get much simpler than Flipp. It’s a roughly palm-sized disc that does exactly four things: play / pause music, control volume, skip songs, and skip playlists. Each of those actions is tied to a specific motion based on which way you’re holding Flipp. Rotate it with the speckled white face up, and you control volume. Flipping (get it?) it over to the black side while rotating it signals the remote to skip through songs on a playlist. Press and rotate to switch between different playlists. And press the remote once toggle play / pause — no matter which side is up.

Flipp works by connecting to an included Flipp hub, which in turn connects to your speakers over Wi-Fi. It’s compatible with any Spotify Connect-powered speaker or a Sonos system, and you can configure multiple remotes to control different speakers or a group of speakers as you’d like. (You’ll still only need just the one hub.) The remote then connects to the hub over a 2.4GHz radio frequency, and is powered by a standard coin-cell battery that the company claims will last up to two years before needing to be replaced.

It’s admittedly a simple product from a functionality standpoint, but I really like the idea of Flipp. Sometimes, a single device that does one thing really well is all you need — assuming Flipp actually works as well as the video claims it does, anyway.

Flipp is the first product from a new Scandinavian company called Synt, a startup that’s dedicated to creating new connected device startups, like Flipp. That said, this is the first product from the group, and it’s also being crowdfunded. So the usual warnings do apply.

Synt is selling a Flipp set consisting of a single remote and hub for an early-bird price of $79, or $99 for later orders, with a planned November ship date.