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Nokia completes Withings rebranding with launch of two new digital health products

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It’s been swell, Withings

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Nokia Withings products Image via Nokia

Earlier this year at Nokia’s event in Mobile World Congress, the company announced that Withings’ connected health devices would be transferred to the Nokia brand. Today, the rebranded line has completed the transition to Nokia, and it’s now available with some notable differences.

For starters, there are now two new products. The new Nokia Body scale is $59.95, while the original Withings Body has been renamed to "Body+." The Body Cardio scale is still available under the new Nokia branding. Nokia has also introduced BPM+, a premium version of Withings’ existing blood-pressure monitor priced at $129.95, featuring a new soft cuff.

Other Withings devices to make the rebranding transition include Go, an activity and sleep tracker; Home, a video and air quality monitor; and Thermo, a connected temporal thermometer.

Nokia also overhauled Withings’ Health Mate app, which collects information from the devices to give insight on weight, activity, sleep, and blood pressure. The app now has an enhanced navigation, eight-week wellness programs with personalized content, and five new programs: Sleep Smarter, Better Body (available for pre-order), Pregnancy Tracker, Healthier Heart, and Leaderboard.

Some of the products from the Withings portfolio won't be available right away, while others will be discontinued. For instance, the Steel HR will be added to Nokia's lineup this fall.

Nokia’s digital health products can now be purchased at, with select items also available at Amazon, Best Buy, and Bed, Bath & Beyond.