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Kodak is selling boring Android tablets in Europe

Kodak is selling boring Android tablets in Europe

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Kodak announced back in February that it would be working with Archos to build its own branded Android tablets for the European market, and today we’re seeing the first glimpse of that with the Kodak Tablet 7 and the Tablet 10.

Aside from the Kodak branding, the two tablets are pretty average budget Android tablets. Unlike Kodak’s Ektra phone, which leveraged the company’s photographic heritage by sticking an enormous camera sensor on the back, the tablets both feature fairly pedestrian cameras: a 2MP front-facing shooter, and an 8MP rear lens. Instead, Kodak seems to be pushing the software side of photography, including various Cyberlink photo apps and Google’s Snapseed preinstalled on the devices.

Otherwise, you’re looking at a run-of-the-mill, cheap Android tablet. The 10.1-inch Tablet 10 touts a 720p display, while the 7-inch Tablet 7 offers a rather poor 1024 x 600 resolution. The Tablet 10 also offers a significantly larger 6000mAh battery over the 2500mAh one in the Tablet 7. Otherwise, the two devices are identical, with a quad-core Mediatek processor, 1GB of RAM, and Android Nougat. The single most distinctive thing about the hardware here might be the bright Kodak-yellow color option.

The two tablets will be available later this month in Europe for €79.99 (roughly $89) and €119.99 (roughly $133), respectively.