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PDP’s third-party PlayStation 4 media remote looks way better than Sony’s official one

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Yup, looks like a remote

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It took Sony almost two years to launch a media remote for the PlayStation 4, and when it did, the results weren’t exactly worth the wait. But now, two years later, accessory maker PDP has an officially licensed option that looks far nicer than Sony’s own official option.

The aptly named “Media Remote for PS4” does pretty much what it says it can: it offers a simple remote control for navigating the PS4’s menus and media controls when you’re using it for things that aren’t gaming-related. Unlike Sony’s version, which aspired to be a full universal remote for controlling your PS4 and TV, the PDP option sets its sights lower, offering a more streamlined look with far fewer button options (although there’s no volume control).

ps4 remote
Remember this thing?

The PDP Media Remote for PS4 will cost $24.99 ($5 less than Sony’s original remote) when it releases on July 18th.