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This is the best outdoor sound system for your mansion

Photo: C Seed

If you already sell the world’s biggest 4K TV, shouldn’t you have a comparable sound system to go along with it? For C Seed, the answer is yes. The company is selling a spectacular outdoor sound system called the C Seed 125.

The C Seed 125 is a retractable, passive 2-way coaxial speaker system that can range from two loudspeakers to a 9.1 surround sound system, depending on your budget. Each speaker projects a 110-degree beam angle allowing it to cover extensive ground and reach up to 125dB. The speakers can be flush mounted into the ground as well, with a variety of materials like stone, wood, and concrete to match your decor.

Photo: C Seed

You can also purchase the C Seed 136, a 600-watt retractable subwoofer, to go along with the C Seed 125 sound system. Both the subwoofer and the sound system can be activated with C Seed’s app on your phone, allowing for Sonos-esque control over your very, very expensive outdoor sound system.

As for pricing, the C Seed 125 sound system starts at $42,000 for a pair of speakers, while the 136 will cost $23,000 for a single subwoofer. That is costly, but given the fact the C Seed 262 4K TV comes in at $539,000 — and the fact that you should probably have a mansion for these types of speakers — it shouldn’t hurt your bottomline too much.

Update June 21st, 1PM ET: Updated with pricing information from C-Seed.