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Samsung is releasing a new outdoor surveillance cam

Samsung is releasing a new outdoor surveillance cam


That looks suspiciously like another outdoor cam

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Update 6/23, 3:03 PM ET: The article as it ran below is incorrect, as was the original image in the post. Hanwha, which makes these cameras under the Samsung brand, clarified that this camera (model number: SNH-V6430BNH) was actually released in December 2016. While it’s not new, Best Buy’s listing of the camera is new. This is the first time the retail store is carrying the device. Best Buy also mislisted the camera with incorrect images, which are what we used in our post. We’ve updated the image and left the article as it first ran below. We regret the error.

Samsung is likely releasing a new outdoor camera soon, judging from a Best Buy page that lists the device. The retail store says a “SmartCam Indoor/Outdoor 1080p Wi-Fi Network Surveillance Camera” is “coming soon.” It’ll cost $199.99. We’ve reached out to Samsung for confirmation on when it might be released and will update when we hear back.

This new camera’s features, at least from what I can tell, are the same as the company’s more expensive, already released outdoor cam. (That camera costs $259.99, so it’s significantly more expensive.) Both versions support night vision and motion detection. They also record Full HD-quality video and connect over Wi-Fi. The key difference between the two appears to be design. The original camera looks like a classic surveillance device with a left to right swivel head. The new camera looks more like a Nest Cam, particularly with its adjustable base.

I’m sure Samsung will make a more official announcement around this device soon, although the Best Buy page really gives everything away. Still, here are some more images to get you through until the release:

Image: Best Buy
Image: Samsung