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HTC’s next Edge Sense features for the U11 still seem very gimmicky

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HTC today released a video of some new features coming to Edge Sense, the headlining, squeeze-your-phone-to-do-something feature of its U11 smartphone. The examples shown include Google Maps (which automatically zooms in when you squeeze), Google Photos (same thing), Calendar (change to a different view with a squeeze), and the ability to end calls by — you guessed it — squeezing the phone.

I don’t know about you, but my response to every single one of these new functions was “okay, but why wouldn’t I just do this the regular way?” I can understand the convenience part if you’re stuck using the U11 with a single hand, but so far the best thing about Edge Sense is using it as a shortcut button for your favorite apps. Or to turn on the flashlight. But you know what’s also good for those things? A button.

HTC is encouraging fans to submit ideas to the company for future Edge Sense tricks. Maybe you’ve got the secret to turning the U11’s gimmick into something far more useful.