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Panasonic is releasing a deodorizing hanger that’ll rid your clothes of that grilled meat smell

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Image: Panasonic

Panasonic is planning to release a new hanger in Japan that’ll deodorize your clothes. The deodorizing hanger, as it’s called on Panasonic’s website, apparently not only annihilates scent from your shirts and jackets, but suppresses pollen, too. The hanger relies on a proprietary technology called “nanoe,” which involves the releasing of nano-sized negatively charged particles into the air. These particles gather moisture from the air to get rid of smells attached to whatever you wear. Panasonic previously tested the tech in pet shops in 2012.

The hanger requires a power supply and specialized cable to work, so hopefully you have an outlet near your closet. Panasonic says this new gadget is especially good for getting rid of the smell of smoke, sweat, and grilled meats. It’s strange how applicable all those use cases are to my life. I vividly remember going to clubs in Europe and leaving with my clothes smelling like cigarettes; the only way to get rid of the smell was to leave whatever I was wearing outside. A fancy gadget hanger would be a nicer, higher-end solution.

Image: Panasonic

Obviously I’m not clubbing in Europe very often, or eating grilled meats on a regular basis, but I could see this hanger being especially nifty in hotels. It’s a neat extra amenity, if it actually works. Anyway, the hanger will be out in September for 20,000 yen, or $179. I’m not sure if it’ll ever make it Stateside. Highly specific hanger lust is real.