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Yves Béhar designed a headband to help you sleep

Yves Béhar designed a headband to help you sleep



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Photo: Dreem

A startup called Rythm has announced Dreem, a device designed by Yves Béhar that will supposedly help you sleep better. The very sleek device uses white noise via bone conduction to help you get to sleep quicker. It monitors your brain function during deep sleep and synchronizes it with “sound stimulations” that the company says will improve your deep sleep by up to 32 percent.

Photo: Rythm

Dreem can also work as an alarm to wake you up, without alerting your partner with the blaring alarm we’ve all become accustomed to. All of this can be controlled from the app, which is available on Android and iOS. Until July 15th, Dreem will be available for preorder for $399, before a price hike will go into effect. Rythm says the device will ship this fall.