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BlueSmart’s new Series 2 line adds more bags to be paired with an app

BlueSmart’s new Series 2 line adds more bags to be paired with an app

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BlueSmart, a company that successfully launched an Indiegogo campaign for a connected carry-on bag in 2014, is back at it again with new connected travel items. Today the company is launching a crowdfunding campaign for its new Series 2 line, which includes a carry-on bag, a passport pouch, a checked bag, and a laptop bag. These products will accompany a new iOS / Android app, too. Both the checked and carry-on bags rely on 3G and GPS tracking to help you hunt down lost bags; the rest of the line solely relies on Bluetooth. The passport pouch, for example, will ping you as you exit its range so you don’t forget it. The other bags have Bluetooth connectivity, too.

Generally, BlueSmart says it upgraded the design and materials it uses for the bags. Still, though, as I’ve mentioned before, the carry-on and checked bag are pretty heavy for what’s supposed to be state of the art. The carry-on weighs nine pounds while the checked bag weighs 13 pounds. That isn’t an improvement from the last line. I get it, there’s a lot of tech to pack in, like a removable battery pack, a battery for the suitcase itself, and other sensors, but weight seems like a good place to innovate. You can see full bag details on the Indiegogo page, but the checked bag is the most expensive item, starting at $325. They’re expected to ship by October.