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Samsung unveils a pink S8 that’s only available in Taiwan

Samsung unveils a pink S8 that’s only available in Taiwan

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Samsung typically releases new colors of its devices abroad, and now the lucky people in Taiwan are getting a variation of the new Galaxy S8 flagship. Samsung showed off a pink version on its Taiwanese Facebook page yesterday that it says is coming soon.

I tried to translate what this posts says in Google Translate and got some serious gobbledygook back about honey or something. But our lovely intern Shannon Liao took a look and translated for me. Here’s what it says:

“Hey girl, looking for a new cellphone? The #GalaxyS8 now comes in a limited edition new girly color!

#Cellphone Not only does this charming silver-colored phone have an infinity screen and metallic case, it also comes in a glossy rose pink color now.

#Free your phone with the perfect embodiment of a girl’s true color.”

The takeaway here is just that Samsung is making a pink S8. I enjoy how it looks. I won’t be able to own it because, at least for now, it’s only being released in Taiwan. Samsung did something similar with its S7 Edge late last year when it released a “coral blue” version in Taiwan and Singapore. It also released a pink gold version of that phone in multiple markets. Here’s to hoping we get the pink S8 Stateside.