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AMD's all-new Vega Frontier Edition graphics card is now available for $999

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AMD promised to start shipping its new generation of video cards in late June, and now here we are with Radeon Vega Frontier Edition cards in our virtual shopping carts. AMD has also filled in a few more technical details on the high-end GPU, and clarified the most important spec: price. The air cooled model is $999, while the liquid cooled version is $1499.

As Anandtech points out, it's still a little unclear who this card is for. It seems like AMD is mostly focused on content creators, and the company has even encouraged gamers to wait for the Vega RX series, but AMD is also including dual-mode drivers for the card, so it can easily be flipped from pro applications like CAD and computing tasks over to video game acceleration. This makes the most sense for game and VR developers who need both types of acceleration on a daily basis. It also sounds complicated, and deserves some testing before it’s trusted with a professional workflow.

Right now, NewEgg has a pre-order listing for the card that says the release date is June 29th, but that order page is linked to directly by AMD's "available today" announce post. I guess if you're the sort of "Digital Pioneer" AMD is looking for, you'll know exactly what to do.