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The Cnct Intelliplug is probably the cheapest way to add smart outlets to your home

The Cnct Intelliplug is probably the cheapest way to add smart outlets to your home

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If you’re interested at all in turning your house into a smart home, you’ll probably need some smart outlets. And the Cnct Intelliplug — currently running a funding campaign on Indiegogo — might be the cheapest and smallest plug on the market.

Cnct is currently offering the Intelliplug in three heavily discounted bundles on Indiegogo: a $25 two-pack, a $35 three-pack, and a $40 four-pack. (The $40 bundle can only be accessed through that direct link.) At $10 per plug, it’s a good deal for any smart outlet, but the Intelliplug offers some pretty robust features for the price.

Each Intelliplug has built-in Wi-Fi, so you don’t need to set up a separate bridge; offers both scheduling and timer options for switching devices on and off; and features “smart plug” technology to automatically shut off the outlet after charging a phone. Plus, the Intelliplug is compatible with Alexa voice commands, with support for Google Home and Apple’s HomeKit also in the works. CNET spent some hands-on time with the devices and came away with some positive impressions, which is good to see for a crowdfunded project.

The only real downside is the lack of energy use monitoring, but given the incredibly low cost (at least for early preorders), it’s not the biggest loss. As always, there’s the crowdfunded nature of the product, which is a hardware product from a first-time company, so use your best judgement when backing.

Cnct hopes to ship the Intelliplug this August.