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Apple releases a magic keyboard with a numeric keypad

The company has stopped selling wired keyboards

Photo: Apple

If you’re looking for a wired keyboard from Apple, well you’re out of luck. The company introduced the Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad shortly after its WWDC keynote today, and quickly removed its wired keyboard with numeric keypad from its online store.

The move increases the price of the cheapest keyboard you can purchase from Apple from $49 to $79 for its standard Magic Keyboard, while the new magic keyboard with numeric keypad will come in at $129. A $50 premium for a few additional keys is definitely ridiculous, but plenty of people can’t work without the numeric keyboard, and the wireless capabilities have been a request for some time.

It just would’ve been nice if Apple kept around the wired keyboard for people who don’t want to drop $130 on the same keyboard, just without the wire. You can purchase the Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad from Apple’s online store today.