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Master & Dynamic is releasing limited edition headphones with blue accents

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Image: Master & Dynamic

Master & Dynamic is launching a redesigned pair of its MW60 wireless headphones today in coordination with the Bamford Watch Department. This collaboration follows another limited edition set of the MW60s released last month with Leica. Similar to that partnership, Master & Dynamic didn’t change the actual specs of its headphones; it’s just trying out a new color scheme. In this case, it lined the headband with light blue lambskin and put some color inside the actual cans. The optional cable matches, too.

A pair costs $549, just like the regular MW60s. I think the blue elevates the headphones and makes them slightly trendier. I already thought the MW60s looked good, but the pastel blue is very of-the-moment. Some people might think a product is cheapened through constant limited edition sets that are created solely to sell more headphones, but considering that Beats is succeeding because of its wide variety of color options, maybe Master & Dynamic has the right idea.

Image: Master & Dynamic