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Optoma's new $2,000 projector is actually a pretty good deal for 4K

Optoma's new $2,000 projector is actually a pretty good deal for 4K

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Optoma is looking to popularize 4K projectors with its latest products, the $1,999 UHD60 and the $2,499 UHD65, which launched earlier this week as two of the cheapest 4K projectors on the market.

In particular, the UHD60 is the first 4K projector available that breaks the $2,000 price barrier, and while that may still seem like a lot of money, it’s actually a pretty good deal for a projector that supports 4K resolution and HDR video. Also, unlike the UHD65, which is meant for professional home theater installation companies to buy and install for customers, the UHD60 is available at regular retailers like Amazon for you to buy and put in your home.

Both projectors support the Rec.709 color standard for accurate images, and can project an image up to 302 inches wide. That said, there is some trickery needed to pull off the 4K projection at this price point. As Projector Central notes, the chip used in the UHD60 only has 2716 x 1528 mirrors (a measurement like pixels used in projectors), which is less than it needs for true 4K. But due to some technical pixel shifting wizardly on the video processing end of things, the projector is able to deliver twice the number of pixels per mirror, reaching the final 4K resolution.

The Optoma UHD60 should be available for purchase on Amazon and Best Buy in the coming days.