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You can wirelessly charge your smartphone anywhere with Mophie’s new magnetic battery pack

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Photo: Mophie

Mophie’s charge force cases have been known for making it easier for people to wirelessly charge their phones at their desk or in the car using magnetic mounts. But now you’ll be able to wirelessly charge your smartphone anywhere you want, thanks to the new charge force powerstation mini.

The portable battery pack magnetically connects to Mophie’s charge force and juice pack cases, which are available for the iPhone 6 & 7 (Plus as well) and the Samsung Galaxy S7 & S8 (Edge and Plus, too). The powerstation mini is essentially a 3,000mAh battery with magnets, which fully charge every phone it’s compatible with, sans the S8 Plus and S7 Edge, which come with 3,500mAh and 3,600mAh batteries, respectively.

Photo: Mophie

If you already have a juice pack or charge force case, the $49 powersation mini is probably a good purchase, but if you aren’t already in the Mophie ecosystem, it’ll cost you at least $100 to get involved, and that’s not including the other wireless charging products like the base and desk mount that most people will want.

The Mophie charge force powerstation mini is available for $49 from Mophie’s website today.