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Logitech’s new blue camo gaming headphones are perfect for underwater stealth levels

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Logitech G433, in fetching blue camo.
Image: Logitech

Logitech has two new sets of gaming headphones, the G433 and G233, that are designed to work just as well for playing Call of Duty as they are for playing the latest Lorde song on the go. The G223 is the cheaper of the two models, coming in a single black-and-cyan color scheme at $79.99. The G433 offers virtual surround sound in the form of DTS Headphone X 7.1 technology, with a slightly higher price tag of $99.99.

Additionally, the G433 has a “hydrophobic, stain-resistant fabric finish” that is available in Royal Blue, Fire Red, and Triple Black. There’s also a Best Buy-exclusive Camo Blue model, which should be perfect for all the times you’re on a stealthy underwater mission and don’t want your headphones to give away your position.

Logitech G233.
Image: Logitech

Both the G433 and the G233 feature Logitech’s own Pro-G drivers, and offer a removable boom microphone for when you’d like to talk to and / or trash talk your fellow players. Both headphones should be compatible with PCs, consoles, and mobile devices, and they’re available now.