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The new iMac is (sort of) upgradable

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Apple often makes make it near impossible to upgrade its computers, and its new iMac isn’t officially upgradeable, either. Whatever specs you buy it with is probably what you’re going to have until you buy a new one. But these new iMacs do have a few components you can swap out for something better — if you’re brave enough.

iFixit tore apart a new iMac and found that it has removable RAM and a modular CPU. This is the first iMac to have a modular CPU since 2012 and expandable memory since 2013. While iFixit is pretty psyched about these developments, it doesn’t mean these upgrades will be easy to accomplish for the average user. iFixit says the iMac is very difficult to take apart, and gives an overall low score for repairability, but at least it’s possible now. If you’re an enterprising and adventurous iMac user, you could theoretically take apart your $1,100 computer and make it better. Good luck, and check out that RAM: