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The BlackBerry KeyOne’s screen apparently isn’t glued to the rest of the phone

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Try not to drop it

blackberry keyone

The BlackBerry KeyOne officially made its way to the US a few days ago, but some customers who have bought TCL’s first BlackBerry-branded phone are encountering an unusual issue — the screen on the KeyOne doesn’t seem to actually be adhered to the rest of the phone.

The issue was first publicized by YouTube channel JerryRigEverything, which noted that the display on the KeyOne appears to just be snapped into place and lacks any more of adhesive or glue holding it in.

Additionally, there are already multiple reports on the CrackBerry fan forum of phones whose screens have popped off the front of the KeyOne entirely after small drops. It’s possible that the issue is simply a quality control problem affecting a small number of phones that just didn’t get glue for whatever reason. But short of warranty-voiding investigation into other devices to see how widespread the issue is, there’s no real way to know whether or not your KeyOnes has the same problem (at least, until your screen pops out, in which case it’s probably too late.) The Verge has reached out to TCL for clarification around this issue.