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This 360-degree dashcam can alert you if someone tries to steal your car

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Waylens’ first iteration on a pretty good dashcam

Photo: Waylens

Dashcam startup Waylens is already working on a followup product to the Horizon, a sharp-looking camera for your car’s dashboard that was released late last year. The new camera is called the Secure360 and, you guessed it, it’s a dashcam that shoots 360-degree photos and videos.

Where Horizon is more about capturing video and data of your on-track performance, or scenic road trips, Secure360 is more of a traditional dashcam. It’s just able to capture a more full field of view than one that looks straight out your windshield. What’s especially interesting, though, is that it can monitor your car even if you’re not in it.

Like a security camera in your home or apartment, this camera is always on, meaning you can check in with your car (via a live stream on your phone) to see how it’s doing. The camera can also use the embedded accelerometer and gyroscope to detect “events,” wake up, and send that data to you (and back it up to the cloud). In other words, it will alert you if anyone tries to harm (or outright steal) your car.

If you don’t want the always-on version — which, frankly, sounds like it enables a lot of unnecessary worrying — Waylens is selling a Secure360 with just Wi-Fi for $249 that’s meant to be used only when you’re driving. That version, which is essentially just a high-quality 360-degree dashcam, will ship in November 2017, according to the company. Meanwhile, the version with a 4G connection costs $349 and will ship in the first quarter of 2018.