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Google Home can now stream the music you’ve uploaded to Play Music

Google Home can now stream the music you’ve uploaded to Play Music


Plus whatever stuff you’ve bought from Google’s music store

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Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

You can now listen to music you’ve uploaded to and purchased from Google Play Music — not just free radio stations or, if you’re a subscriber to All Access, whatever’s available on-demand. That’ll come as welcome news to people who’ve stored hard-to-find albums (stuff that’s typically absent from the big streaming services) and other music that’s important to them in Google’s cloud. Previously, as Android Police notes, using Play Music as Home’s music source was very limiting for free users.

Even better, Google will give preference to your uploaded and purchased tracks and prioritize those over some random radio mix when you ask to play a certain artist. There are still exceptions, like if you tell Google Home to just play a genre or music for a particular mood or activity. In those cases, it’ll still behave as it did before.

But hey, the speaker just got more useful for fans of Google’s free music storage — and anyone that actually buys their tunes from Play Music. Per the announcement on Google’s product forums, the expanded Play Music functionality is rolling out to all regions where Home is available.