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Pioneer's Lightning earbuds get Alexa-like always-listening ‘Hey Siri’ support

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Pioneer Rayz Plus

Pioneer has issued a new software update for its Rayz Lighting headphones, which adds support for Apple’s always-listening “Hey Siri” voice control prompt, along with several other minor fixes.

This isn’t the first time that Pioneer has updated the Rayz, either. Earlier this summer, the company added a new Smart Mute feature that automatically silences your side of the call when you’re not talking when using the headphones for phone conversations.

A software update for a pair of headphones may not sound significant, but the fact that Pioneer continues to update the Rayz Plus is actually kind of important. They’re a proof of concept that manufacturing can use the added smarts from Lighting and USB-C headphones to continue to support headphones after launch. Ultimately, this can extend the life of your earbuds, which is always a good thing — even if you don’t own a pair of Rayz Plus.

The Pioneer Rayz Plus are available for $149.95 from Apple or Amazon.