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The LG Q8 is a smaller version of last year’s V20, with water resistance

The LG Q8 is a smaller version of last year’s V20, with water resistance

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LG is launching a smaller version of the LG V20 called the Q8, and it seems to be fixing some of the biggest problems of its larger cousin, via Android Police.

The LG V20 was an “everything-but-the-kitchen-sink” sort of phone, one that packed in tons of features like dual cameras, 32-bit quad DAC, and, of course, a second display right above the screen, although it was held back by a few issues, including the massive size of the device and lack of waterproofing (as noted by my colleague Chris Welch in his review).

The Q8 seems to be virtually identical to the V20 in almost every hardware spec. It has the same dual-camera system, 32-bit quad DAC, QHD IPS display, Qualcomm 820 processor, and second display. The biggest changes are that the primary screen is a 5.2-inch panel instead of a 5.7-inch one, and the Q8 is now rated for IP67 water resistance — although that’s at the expense of the V20’s removable battery.

It’s unclear how much the Q8 will cost, or if it will ever make its way to the States (the news comes from LG’s Italian site). But if you’re disappointed by what the V20 is missing, it might be worth giving the Q8 a shot.

Correction: The LG Q8 has IP67 water resistance, not IP68 water resistance as this article originally claimed.