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I'm concerned about the dirt on my rip-off Supreme phone case

I'm concerned about the dirt on my rip-off Supreme phone case

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Weird Phone Case of the Month is a monthly series in which we live with, and subsequently review, our time with a phone case. Phone cases are one of our only ways to express individuality with our smartphones, so what do our phone case choices say about us?

This month's phone case had potential. I wanted it to be a favorite of mine, as blocks are cool, as is the color red, but unfortunately, it just didn't work out. The case got so, so dirty. Terrifyingly dirty, actually. It looks worse than my furry phone case

I hate to do this to you on a summer weekend, but here is a photo of the dirt. Do you have a suggestion on how to clean between these teeny grooves? I assume a Q-tip with alcohol, right? That's probably the way to go. This is a problem for Marie Kondo to solve.

I bought this case for $15 in a mall. I liked the idea of it being customizable — it comes with a bunch of fake LEGO you can attach to the back of the case, so really, it's multiple cases for the price of one, aka a bargain. However, I didn't end up moving the blocks around or even messing with the initial design, which you can see was a red block with the word "SUP" written across it. I only later realized that this might be a nod to Supreme. I wanted to change the blocks. I seriously did. But I couldn't remove the rip-off LEGO from the case and also couldn't handle the spare blocks because they're small, and I apparently have large fingers. I don't think my extreme nails help, either.

Anyway, even though I didn't touch the blocks and couldn't get them off with force, they somehow managed to fall off the case. One day I looked at the back of my phone and noticed a few had fallen off and made the red square incomplete. I think this was fate because, in my opinion, the case looks better without a complete square. More people seemed to notice and comment on it when it made less sense. I guess this is an extra visual challenge of sorts. I'm not an art reviewer.

I still want this case to work for me. I like the idea of it, but the execution presents problems that don't necessarily jump out at you at purchase, like dirt-attracting grooves. The dirt! It's so bad! I'm retiring this case immediately and probably going back to a pleasant falling glitter-type option. I just want to see something shiny and cheerful for a while.