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The copper-gold Nokia 8 looks like a garishly wrapped chocolate bar

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Thankfully it’ll come in blue and silver, too

The leaked gold copper Nokia 8
Photo: Baidu

New photos of the Nokia 8 have apparently leaked, showing a copper-gold version of the phone. It’s kind of ugly, but that could just be the light, which is less than pristine, and was more than likely shot on the sly.

While initial reports showed images of the phone without its final Zeiss branding, updated photos do show the Zeiss imprint, according to Nokiamob. The photographs, originally posted in a Baidu forum, show a slightly curvaceous phone as well as a 3.5mm headphone jack up top and what looks like a USB-C jack at the bottom. The photos were apparently taken on July 21st indicating that this phone is likely already in mass production. The Nokia 8 is also said to come in blue and silver, with a rumored launch date of July 31, according to several reports.

Photo: Baidu

It’s not the first time details about the yet-to-be-released Nokia 8 have been leaked. In May, a Nokia photographer accidentally published a video showing a phone with dual cameras, and earlier this month, more images surfaced of the phone courtesy of Evleaks.

Coincidently, Arto Nummela, the CEO of HMD Global — the Finnish company that licenses the rights to produce Nokia-branded phones — resigned last week. Did the former Nokia Vice President quit because HMD’s flagship phone looks like a garishly wrapped chocolate bar? Makes you wonder.

Photo: Kev’s Snack Reviews