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HTC's U11 phone is now available with 128GB of storage

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Photo by James Bareham / The Verge

HTC released its flagship U11 smartphone this past month with 64GB of storage. Now the company's broadening its lineup with a 128GB version. An unlocked 128GB HTC U11 costs $729 and went on sale earlier today. The squeezable phone also now includes an integrated, hands-free Amazon Alexa assistant, which was integrated this month.

In addition to this announcement, HTC is also launching some other deals: from July 25th through August 7th, the HTC U Ultra is $250 off (making it $499), the HTC 10 is $300 off (bringing it to $399), and the UA Healthbox is $180 off. Now, as a reminder, we didn't love the HTC U Ultra. In fact, my colleague Dan Seifert called it "disappointment by a thousand cuts." It doesn't include a headphone jack and its dual display felt more like a gimmick than a real iterative addition to the device. But maybe for a spare $500, it could be okay to keep around.