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The Swidget is a modular outlet that aims to customize your smart home experience

The Swidget is a modular outlet that aims to customize your smart home experience


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Swidget modular outlet
Image: Swidget

There’s a new smart outlet on Kickstarter, and it’s modular. Smart outlets are a nice way to make your home automated without adding too much clutter, but they're usually tied to a specific function or product. That means as soon as they’re outmoded, or if you want the smart outlet to have another use, you’re stuck buying and installing another one. Swidget’s modular setup is a smart, simple idea that theoretically solves this, making smart outlets future-proof.

The Swidget is made of two components: the outlet itself and the swappable inserts, which can be controlled via the Swidget app. Beyond the app, the company also has plans to make the Swidget compatible with Google Home, Nest, IFTTT, and Stringify.

In theory, these inserts could perform a number of functions — a pet cam for when you’re on vacation, for instance, or perhaps an aromatherapy insert that replaces those clunky plug-ins. But currently, only two inserts are scheduled to ship when orders are fulfilled. Each order will come with a Swidget outlet and depending on the pledge, a Wi-Fi insert, Z-Wave insert, or both, allowing for wireless control and power consumption monitoring of an outlet. Other inserts are set to begin production when benchmark funding goals are reached, like a USB charger, nightlight, and emergency light.

If Swidget can do everything the company promises, then this is one handy little gadget. But it’s entirely possible that if funding isn’t met, you’ll be left with an outlet that, while swappable, has nothing to swap with, essentially becoming just another smart outlet with a singular function. Find out more about Swidget in the video below.