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Phiaton’s new BT 390 headphones are budget cans for your commute

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Image: Phiaton

Headphone manufacturer Phiaton has a new, entry-level model to its line of Bluetooth headphones: the BT 390. The BT 390s on-ear headphones costs just $79, and were specifically designed for commuting and travel, with a foldable design for easily stowing in a bag.

It’s hard to say whether or not the BT 390s are a good deal without listening to them first, but the sub-$100 price tag, clean design, and claims of up to 30 hours of battery life are encouraging.

Image: Phiaton

As part of the budget part of the proceedings, the BT 390s offer physical buttons for controlling playback and volume, instead of the touch panels on Phiaton’s higher-end models. Given that I tend to prefer hardware buttons for headphones, however, that’s not necessarily a bad thing in my book. The headphones also have an integrated microphone for answering calls, and can be directly connected to a phone or computer over 3.5mm if the battery dies.

The BT 390s are available now on Amazon.