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KFC turned a to-go chicken box into a Bluetooth game controller

KFC turned a to-go chicken box into a Bluetooth game controller

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KFC really can't be stopped from making bizarre gadgets, and I can't stop being intrigued by them. Today the company launched a to-go chicken box that doubles as Bluetooth game controller. It's called the Gamer's Box 2.0. (I'm not sure if there was a Gamer's Box 1.0.) 

KFC also partnered with Mountain Dew, so in addition to a chicken sandwich, people will get a soda with their purchase. It's mounted on top of the box, and it's something to behold. KFC only sent me renders of the device, but BGR India did a hands-on here:

The soda mount turns into an adjustable phone holder; the idea is that you place your phone there and pair the controller with it over Bluetooth (by holding down the "home" and "X" button). Multiple games already support Bluetooth controllers, so any of those should work with the Gamer's Box 2.0. KFC just iterated on typical mobile controller designs, really. It's the same product, just with a branded message and chicken in between.

I don't think you need to be in India to receive a box. The company tells me you can go to any KFC India or Mountain Dew India social media page — like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram — and comment on the Gamer Box video for a chance to win. Only 10 boxes are available, though, so I guess your odds aren't great.