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Chromebooks may get text notifications soon

Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

Your text messages may show up on your Chromebook in the near future, according to screenshots published by ChromeUnboxed. A user found a toggle in the dev version of Chrome OS called “SMS Connect” which states you can get text notifications right on your Chromebook.

Image: ChromeUnboxed

You have to activate a setting called “Enable Multidevice features” before SMS Connect will even show up in the dev version of Chrome OS, but don’t even bother — the feature isn’t active yet. Right now the toggle is a placeholder, but it could lead to some iMessage-like features for Chrome users in the near future.

The feature could work in partnership with Assistant, which may be on its way to Chrome OS, or it may just work like standard text message forwarding. Either way, we should find out more about the feature in the next few weeks when Chrome 61 gets released.