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Whoa, check out the bezels on this jellyfish tank

Whoa, check out the bezels on this jellyfish tank


Are you ready for this jelly

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Jellyfish are majestic creatures. When displayed with some colorful backlights, the animal’s translucent body and natural bioluminescence can be a visual delight, and they make for popular exhibits at various museums around the world. The folks at Cubic Aquarium know how cool jellyfish can look in your home, so they created a tank with built-in, color-changing LED lights to bring the best out of your new aquatic pets.

It’s also worth noting that, in particular, the Pulse 160 tank looks just like an iPhone laid sideways. Check out those near-invisible bezels!

The tank holds 46 gallons of water and can keep up to 15 large jellies, so you can pretend they’re floating app icons swirling around your screen.

Also worth noting: the tank is rectangularly shaped with only two round-ish bumpers at the upper corners. “Okay Natt, but why is that relevant?” Once upon a time, on a hot summer night, I spent hours researching how to build a jellyfish aquarium, quickly learning that classic square and rectangle tanks are not optimal for this elegant Medusozoa species because their swimming patterns can get them stuck in sharp corners. So while the rectangle shape might seem like questionable design, thankfully the Pulse 160 comes with a water-flow system that should keep your jellyfish happy and safe from entrapment, letting you easily fit the tank in most conventional home spaces. So whether you want to stick a Rhopilema esculentum or Sanderia malayensis in there, you can feel safe about that investment.

Of course, by investment, I mean a $3,299 upfront cost to buy the tank, plus the copious amount of baby brine shrimps you’ll need to keep the jellies happily fed. No one says home aquariums are cheap, so only get in on this if you’re ready for this jelly.