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AMD’s budget Ryzen 3 processors will start at $109, available today

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AMD’s Ryzen 3 processors — the budget, low-end of its resurgent Ryzen brand — are out today, and we’ve finally got pricing details. For now, AMD is offering two Ryzen 3 chips: the base Ryzen 3 1200 for $109, and the more powerful Ryzen 3 1300X for $129.

The specs on the two chips remain unchanged from AMD’s announcement earlier this month. Both offer four cores and four threads, with the 1300X clocking at 3.5GHz (that can boost to 3.7GHz), while the 1200 is slightly slower at 3.1GHz.

Obviously, the big question for the Ryzen 3 chips is how they stack up to Intel’s own Core i3 line. While it’s a little early to see how actual performance numbers work out, from a pricing standpoint, AMD looks to be continuing its aggressive push back against Intel’s incumbency in the market.