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Sony’s semi-smartwatch now has a smaller version and a leather strap with NFC

Remember Wena Wrist, the analog-style smartwatch developed at Sony’s internal incubator? It looks like a regular watch, but it tracks your movement and sends you notification alerts via an LED in the steel bracelet, which also has an NFC chip for mobile payments. Well, Sony just announced a new version called Three Hands Square along with a new option for a leather strap.

Three Hands Square has a square body with a round face, and Sony is targeting it at women. There are 18mm, 20mm and 22mm lug options, whereas the much larger round Wena Wrist only comes in 22mm. Sony is also launching a new leather strap in all three sizes — you lose the steel band’s notification functionality, but it still has NFC — and is starting to sell the steel band separately as well for people who want to mix and match.

The Three Hands Square “head” and steel band will go on sale later this month, but the leather bands won’t be available until late December. While the body starts at 10,380 yen ($93), the steel band will set you back at least 33,880 yen ($303), so it might be worth waiting for the 8,380 yen ($75) leather option. Also, these watches are only available in Japan, so that’ll give you time to plan your trip over.