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These NES-style Switch controllers look great but cost a ton

These NES-style Switch controllers look great but cost a ton

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ColorWare has been painting custom versions of the Switch since April, but the company’s latest limited edition run probably puts all your mix-and-match color schemes to shame with a pair of Joy-Con controllers patterned off the original NES.

All the hallmarks of Nintendo’s original console have been brought over to its newest hard — the two-tone grey and black style, the block font, and of course, the glossy red accents for the face buttons. ColorWare seems to have completely nailed the look, down to making sure the optional Joy-Con strap attachments match.

It’s not the first time ColorWare has put together an incredible looking retro paint job for a modern day device — the company has been doing it for years with old-school styled Macs and iPhones, too.

Unfortunately, like all of ColorWare’s products, the NES Joy-Con controllers aren’t even a little bit affordable, with a $200 price tag that’s more than double the $80 retail price for a pair of Joy-Con. Still, if you’re miffed about missing out on an NES Classic, it’s still a cheaper way to get a retro-stylized Nintendo console than buying one on the grey market.