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Some Google Home users are reporting problems with Philips Hue lights

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Google is working on it

Google Home

Some Google Home users are reportedly experiencing problems with controlling Philips Hue lights and other devices through Google’s AI assistant, according to various forum threads complaining about the issues (first spotted by Android Police).

The problem seems to stem from the action of actually using the Home to turn lights on or off, which apparently simply isn’t working for some users. Other commands, like dimming the lights, reportedly work fine for affected users, although your experience may vary.

Google is aware of the issue, commenting to The Verge on Friday, “A small number of Google Home users have reported issues controlling some of their devices via Google Home, including Philips Hue. We have since released a partial fix, and some users have reported that this resolved their issue. We're still investigating and hope to resolve this for everyone soon.”