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AOC and Porsche designed a monitor with no hanging cables

AOC and Porsche designed a monitor with no hanging cables

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Image: AOC

AOC and Studio F. A. Porsche are collaborating on monitors. The companies designed and manufactured two new Full HD displays — the 24-inch PDS241 and the 27-inch PDS271 — with their single cable as the selling point. That cable, which is routed through the stand and comes out the back, combines the power and HDMI inputs in one place. I suppose a single cable looks better than a bunch of them hanging off the display, but is this necessarily the pinnacle of design? Nah, probably not.

AOC and Porsche get worked up about their design work in a press release. Here’s a sample of what it says:

The design philosophy behind these monitors was inspired by the principals of Ferdinand Alexander Porsche: His approach was “If you analyze the function of an object, its form often becomes obvious.” In its purest sense, a monitor is just a screen. But the screen is meant to provide a beautiful visual experience, and that experience is often marred by unsightly cables hanging down from the monitor’s ports.

Deep. Porsche didn’t seem to take branding into account when ruminating on design. Doesn’t AOC realize that stamping its name across the front and back ruins any impressive look? AOC isn’t Apple or Rolls-Royce or even Porsche; its branding doesn’t exude cool.

Image: AOS

In either case, the 24-inch version costs $199, while the 27-inch model costs $249. Both are available through Amazon, although their listings currently say “temporarily out of stock.” They were already released in the UK, so I’m sure this release is just delayed and they’ll be stocked soon.