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Kado is a wall charger that’s thinner than your phone

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I like to keep a charger in my bag, one of several “just-in-case” things I tend to carry around with me everywhere. Who knows when you might need to recharge your phone? (Then again, I also travel with a couple power banks, so it’s possible the wall charger is a bit overkill.)

But the bulky wall wart that lives in the bottom of my bag might be getting some competition in the form of Kado, a wall charger currently seeking funding on Kickstarter that’s just 0.2 inches (7mm) thick, or about as big as three credit cards stacked together. It claims to be “the world’s thinnest wall charger,” which seems to be true as far as I can tell, using some fold-out charging prongs to cut down on size.

Kado also comes with a choice of an equally thin Lightning (Apple MFi-approved), USB-C, or Micro USB cable for your charging convenience, which cleverly wraps around the rest of the device when not in use. (The cables are regular USB cables, which can be removed so that you can use your own cables as well.) Kado charges devices at up to 10W, and supports the QuickCharge 2.1A spec.

Kado also comes in either US (Type A) or EU (Type C/E/F) variants, so you’ve got options no matter where you live. It’s worth pointing out, though, that Kado is strictly a charger, not a battery pack. It’ll certainly recharge your phone when you’re near a wall, but you’re on your own when you’re out and about in the world.

Kado comes from the team behind the Mobeego portable battery, so there’s definitely some good battery know-how here, which is good to see. That said, it’s still a crowdfunded project, so use your own best judgement before backing.

Kado is available to back for $39, or $44 for a package that includes a phone clip to easily stow the super thin charger on the back of your phone. The company hopes to ship Kado in December.