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Circuit Breaker

This self-charging smartwatch could be great

Or fail miserably

Photo: Sequent

Smartwatches have a battery problem. Much like smartphones, they don’t last long enough, and everyone ends up charging them all the time. In an attempt to fix this, Sequent looked toward the automatic movements in traditional watches to create a kinetic battery system for its smartwatch.

Sequent’s eponymous smartwatch uses a self-charging battery system that charges as you move around, much like an automatic movement does in a standard watch (but through a much different process). It comes with your standard hybrid smartwatch features: a heart rate sensor, activity tracker, GPS, Bluetooth, and a notification system.

The biggest question surrounding a kinetic power source for a smartwatch is, of course, how long can it go with little or no movement before it’s dead? (And how long will it take to recharge at that point?) If kinetic energy sources were viable for smartwatches on a major scale you’d think a major company would’ve tried it by now. Either way, Sequent is giving it a shot.

You can back Sequent on Kickstarter starting at $189 for a watch. The company says watches will start at $438 when it hits retail, so that’s a pretty hefty discount. As always, Kickstarters aren’t guaranteed, so keep that in mind before you back this, or any company.