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Microsoft's new Xbox Wireless Adapter is no longer a massive USB stick

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It’s now 66 percent smaller

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Photo: Microsoft

Microsoft today announced a new Xbox Wireless Adapter, for connecting an Xbox controller to your Windows PC, that is much smaller than the previous model. The old adapter looked to be about two times the size of a regular USB thumb drive, making it cumbersome and bulky protruding chunk of plastic and circuitry.

The new adapter, however, is 66 percent smaller, the company says. It looks no different than your standard modern-day thin USB stick. Like its predecessor, the new adapter supports up to eight controllers simultaneously, as well as four chat headsets or two stereo headsets. (Some Verge staffers report that, with the old adapter, connectivity gets a bit finicky with that a large number of devices hooked up.)

Still, Microsoft has kept a similar price, with the new model going on sale starting August 8th for $24.99. You can preorder it today from Microsoft’s website. Microsoft says on its preorder page that the adapter only works with PCs running Windows 10 — the company’s Xbox functionality support page has conflicting information indicating Windows 7 support — and it’s compatible with any Xbox One controller. The unit does not work with Xbox 360 controllers, Microsoft says.

Photo: Microsoft

Update at 1:37PM ET, 8/1: Clarified that the adapter works with devices running Windows 10 and it is compatible with any Xbox One controller.