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Circuit Breaker

B&O Play is commemorating the fall equinox with fresh colors for its headphones and speakers


B&O Play often delights us with unique colors for its products, like its tangerine-colored H4 headphones. And today, the company announced that in honor of the fall equinox, it'll be releasing some headphones and portable speakers in various moody new shades. Who doesn't commemorate the seasons changing with new gadgets?

The collection includes the P2 portable speaker, the wireless H4 headphones, the H5 earbuds, and the A1 speaker. They're being released in shades of purple, brown, and dark gray. Beyond those colors, nothing about these already-existent products has changed. The collection goes on sale August 31st. The pictures tell the story, so here you go:

I do love the brooding purple H4 vibe, despite knowing the headphones themselves aren't great. I'm a sucker for color, though, and B&O Play seems to think other people are, too.