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Samsung’s next fitness watch is probably coming this month

Samsung’s next fitness watch is probably coming this month

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Gear Sport FCC filing
Image: Samsung

Samsung is headed to IFA later this month, and it’s starting to sound like we’ll see some new smartwatches there. Android Headlines spotted an FCC filing from Samsung showing off a Samsung Gear Sport, a thus-far nonexistent smartwatch or fitness device of some kind.

Given that it’s passing through the FCC right now, the device is probably almost ready to be released. Samsung used its IFA presentation to introduce a new generation of Gear smartwatches this time last year, so it makes sense that we’re seeing hints of that happening again this year, too.

Like Apple, turning smartwatches’ focus to fitness

All we really know so far is that the Gear Sport supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and probably runs Tizen, given the lack of Galaxy branding. It’s not clear if it’ll take the shape of a smartwatch or be closer to a long fitness tracker, but the most recent Gear devices have all had identical round shapes. The last Gear-branded fitness band was released just over a year ago.

A sports-focused watch would make plenty of sense. Apple has really refocused the Apple Watch around fitness, while Samsung’s Gear watches are still going for a much more fashionable look. Making a new model that’s more tailored to exercise would help it better compete with Apple and could get more people interested in the product.

If Samsung does release a sports-focused watch, it wouldn’t be surprising to see it introduce other styles of the devices as well. But so far, we haven’t seen anything on it.