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Microsoft’s smaller Xbox Wireless Adapter mysteriously delayed until 2018

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Photo: Microsoft

Microsoft announced its smaller Xbox Wireless Adapter earlier this month, allowing Windows PCs to use an Xbox One controller wirelessly. It’s 66 percent smaller than the older version, and just looks like a regular USB stick. Like its predecessor, the new adapter supports up to eight controllers at the same time, as well as four regular chat headsets or two stereo ones.

The new Xbox Wireless Adapter was supposed to go on sale last week for $24.99, but Microsoft has now delayed its release until January 2018. In an unusual move, Microsoft is releasing the adapter in some countries ahead of January, but delaying its launch in the US market.

Windows Central reports that it looks like Japan will get access to the adapter first later this month, alongside New Zealand and Australia in September. It’s not clear when the adapter will be available across Europe, or whether other countries have to wait until January like the US. Microsoft hasn’t provided any reason for the delay, but it’s possible that the company has a lot of stock of the old model still in its retail stores that it needs to sell.