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These 3D-printed Switch adapters allow one-handed gamers to play Zelda

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The versatility of the Nintendo Switch and its Joy-Con controllers is one of the console’s greatest strengths. An engineer named Julio Vazquez has taken that idea even further to create a 3D-printed Joy-Con adapter that lets disabled gamers play with only one hand. The creation was first spotted by Eurogamer.

Vazquez developed the adapters for his friend Rami Wehbe, who lost the ability to control his right hand in a cerebrovascular accident, but still wanted to be able to play The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Vazquez ended up with two designs for the Joy-Con controllers. One resembles Nintendo’s Joy-Con grip, but it pushes the controller halves together to make it easy to reach across to the other side. It also adds two extended bumpers for the shoulder buttons. The other is a slotted adapter that takes advantage of the modular nature of the controllers to put the two pieces at right angles to one another.

Julian Vazquez (Vexelius) / YouTube

Combined with the motion controls on the Switch and some practice, apparently the adapters work pretty well for playing Zelda. Vazquez has made the files for both versions available on Thingverse, where you can either print one out for yourself or order a premade copy.